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Appropriately Swagged

I felt compelled to blog about a window treatment style that gets either overlooked or frowned upon because of their formal nature.  Primarily because I was still on an install high at the end of last week after seeing my installer transform a dining room with these...

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It's baffling to think of how many choices we make in any given day.  Step inside the Boston Design Center for example and you'll quickly understand.  With close to a hundred different showrooms and nearly a third of those dedicated to fabrics and trim, it seems like...

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The Sparkle of the Season

It's here!  The Holidays!  Many of us wait for them all year and many believe it's the best time of the year.  I think I'm in that camp.  The holidays make me feel good.  I love the lights the colors the sparkle - all of it!  It's a time when we decorate our homes and...

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Do you see what I see?

It seems like the day after Halloween someone flipped a switch to Holiday mode!  Go into most retails stores and you see a glimpse here or a glimpse there - holiday decor!  Personally, I'm ignoring it - at least until Thanksgiving.  It's just too early.  But, if you...

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Window Trick or Treat?

Sometimes windows pose more of a challenge than you think.  We all love light and the more windows the better, right?  Well, not always. When there are more windows than walls it can be difficult to hang draperies and not take up valuable glass or light space.  Or,...

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How to select an unbiased window treatment professional

Everywhere we look we see signs about who to select in the upcoming election.  I'm pretty much done with it and am ready to move past it all.  But, there's still time and with so many issues at stake, it's important to consider everything.  After all, we will be...

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