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Custom Valances Add Style To Any Window

Custom valances have been around since the renaissance era and they are still in style today. A designer valance can add softness and beauty to most any area of your home. Make your space cozier with a window covering that has stood the test of time. Valance noun |...

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How To Find Interior Decorating Inspiration

Interior decorating inspiration can be found in nature. On a rainy summer vacation day, I find enjoyment indoors by scrolling through design apps on my i-Pad. In addition, I pour over old design magazines I haven’t had a chance to read yet.  Usually my days are spent...

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First Impressions

During this time when most of us are at home a lot more than we're used to, it's a great opportunity to consider those projects we've been putting off.   I'm carving out time each weekend for spaces in my home - those I want to just close the door on - to make them...

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The life of a window treatment

Living In a world of instant gratification and disposable furniture, it's interesting to be in the polar opposite world of custom window treatments. Often I am asked about how long a custom window treatment will last.  While the answer depends...

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Function vs. Fashion

Window treatment solutions can often be summed up by categorizing them for either fashion or function.   Sometimes, however, one solution can achieve both results. Similar to the fashion world, one person may have a very different definition than another of what they...

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Hardware is the key

It’s no secret the furniture and home furnishings world has been flipped on its ear over the last few decades, with the evolution of inexpensive, disposable furniture. While not every consumer subscribes to this philosophy, there are plenty of young consumers who have...

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