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There is nothing quite like the look and feel of custom shutters. And, today there are so many options and styles available to complement your décor from antique and rustic to modern and chic. Sometimes referred to as “furniture for the window,” custom interior shutters for all decors come in a variety of materials, paint colors, stain finishes, and slat sizes. Permanently mounted, full shutter panels can swing open as well as tilt. They can also be designed to only cover the lower half of the window known as “café-height.” Shutters offer architectural interest and have a timeless quality that can stand alone or be layered with fabrics.

Interior shutters have a classic look on windows. Whether you choose traditional white, or darker wood stains such as, walnut, cherry, or mahogany, shutters will add long term value and beauty to your home. Indoor home shutters have durable wood slats so they are likely to last longer. Real wood and faux wood shutters have various price points to satisfy every budget.

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There Is Nothing Like the Feeling of Using Wood Shutters Inside Your Home

Real, authentic wood shutters are crafted from sustainable forests. You can have peace of mind when purchasing natural products from responsibly managed forests. For homeowners who want to bring nature inside, wood shutters are a great solution. There is nothing like the feeling of using wood materials directly from nature inside your home. Hardwood shutters can coordinate beautifully with all types of flooring and furniture.

You can complement the look of distressed or antique furniture with hardwood shutters and even customize the color to match interior trim. Custom interior shutters for all decors can be made in a variety of popular stained finishes like soft grey and lighter brown tones of weathered oak and will update your home while keeping it looking airy and light.

Select From a Mix of Modern-Day Materials for All Decors

Faux wood shutters, also known as hybrid shutters are perfect for bathrooms and basements with humidity concerns and can withstand dampness and moisture. If you desire a coastal look for your home on the shore, faux shutters are the perfect option. Select from a mix of modern-day materials when choosing shutters to easily upgrade your home décor. This variety is more cost-effective and you don’t have to compromise the look and style. Whether faux or hardwood, shutters are a beautiful solution for any décor and are a sustainable design choice for many years to come.

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