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Honeycomb and Roller Shades

Shades come in many forms and they can offer various levels of privacy and look great doing it! They are available in many styles, colors, opacities, and lifting mechanisms, and can even provide energy efficiency. Whether light filtering, light dimming, or room darkening, shades can be the foundation to your window treatment solution or the finishing touch.

Honeycomb Shades are one of the most versatile and functional window treatments. Stylish shades with energy-efficiency help reduce home energy bills year-round. The honeycomb shaped fabrics trap warm air in winter further insulating your home. During Summer, the honeycomb shade fabrics keep cool air inside to increase comfort. It’s the ideal window shade for temperature and light control. Conserve energy and reduce energy costs in your home year-round while enjoying easy these easy to use, simple treatments.

Features like top-down, bottom-up allow you to create and enjoy the views you want. Enjoy nature without compromising privacy with honeycomb shades. Position your shades anywhere you want on the window – at the bottom, at the top or in the middle of the window to control light and privacy perfectly.

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You can dress up custom honeycomb shades with custom draperies, valances and cornices. By combining an added layer of fabric, you create warmth and beauty in your entire room setting. Choose fabrics with designer colors and textures to elevate your space. Shade fabrics are also available with a subtle shimmer, textures and colors to complement simple décor or enhance sophisticated room designs. Room darkening, light filtering, and total room dimming shade fabrics are available at Linda’s Decors.

If you want to block all incoming light, ask about LightLock®. Lightlock® does not have any light gaps between the window frame and your shades. Total room darkening shades are the best window covering solution for media rooms, guest rooms, and bedrooms. If you want clean, simple, neutral or colorful shades in your space, light filtering or room darkening shades can satisfy your needs. Duolite® shades feature see-through fabric at the top of the window with light filtering or darkening at the bottom.

Additionally, honeycomb shades or cellular shades are available cordless or motorized for your convenience. Cordless blinds or automated window shadings protect children and pets with blind cords. Not to mention, you can easily program your shades to open during the day and close at night according to your daily schedule. Whether you are home or away, control the temperatures and privacy at the touch of a button.
You can even ask Siri, Alexa, or Google Home to move your shades using a simple voice command you program.

There are so many reasons to choose honeycomb shades. Light control, privacy, energy-efficiency, stylish designer fabrics, and easy-to-use operating systems. Linda will guide you in making the best honeycomb or cellular shade selection based on your budget and home décor style. Contact Linda to schedule an in-home appointment.

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