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Custom curtains and drapes dress a window and complete the look of any interior design plan. In the world of custom and sometimes complex window treatments, a glossary of terms is super important and not to mention, helpful!

Often when speaking with someone who wants new window treatments, the vocabulary alone to describe particulars can be downright confusing! If a homeowner says they want curtains, it almost always means they want drapes. If they want shutters, it can also mean window blinds. And, if someone wants new shades, well that can mean almost anything!


Custom drapes.


Custom Curtains or Drape Fabrics Visualized in Your Space

Many terms are used to describe window treatment options today. It’s beneficial when homeowners can select from images or photos to help make decisions. This is only one reason why it’s important to meet in person to eliminate confusion and ensure everyone is on the right page. In-home consultations to select custom curtain or window drapes help provide customers with visuals. Visuals are crucial when it comes to selecting colors and fabric materials in your own space.


Nice addition of color with new drapes in an otherwise neutral dining room.


Sometimes curtains are in fact, the desired treatment. After all the definition of Curtain by Merriam-Webster is a piece of material (as cloth) hung up to darken, hide, divide or decorate. Well that sure sums it up! This definition can pretty much describe any number of custom window treatments.


One-way draw drapery on a slider.


Definition of Window Curtains

Curtains, while in the form of draping on a window, are typically designed to be shorter than drapes. So, what are drapes? As again defined by Webster, to cover or adorn with or as if with folds of cloth. Ok, we are getting warmer! Drapes are usually designed to be floor length. Curtains are more often to the window sill or apron of the window. (But shower curtains are long and almost to the floor, so that negates the word curtain!) And, then there is the category of cafe’ curtains! They don’t even cover the whole window… yikes! (Refer to last blog!) So, while the general premise of window curtains and custom drapes (both made of fabric) are the same, the overall look is very different. Hence, the important of images or photos!


Curtains with tie backs, just below the window apron.


Drapes Defined Beyond The Dictionary

Drapes. Another confusing term. They can be stationary or moveable. Stationary drapes are typically for decoration and hang to add to the overall aesthetic or decoration of a room. They are also fabricated with fabrics and liner. Window drapes can be light filtering or room darkening. Moveable drapery can mean by hand – manual or traversing with a wand or cord and can also be motorized! Confused yet? Don’t be. Rest assured, by working with Linda’s Decors you will get the professional help you need to ensure your drapes are to the floor and your custom curtains are the perfect length!


Classic, stationary, (floor length) draperies.