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During this time when most of us are at home a lot more than we’re used to, it’s a great opportunity to consider those projects we’ve been putting off.   I’m carving out time each weekend for spaces in my home – those I want to just close the door on – to make them more enjoyable and welcoming.  I’m optimistic, planning ahead for when we can host friends and family again.

One area in particular is my foyer, and this is it!   I live in a center entrance colonial with a dining room to the left and small sitting room to the right.  That wasn’t always the case, but that’s for another blog !  So this foyer is where I greet my guests.  I just recently made a huge change by painting and glazing this 15 year old Home Goods cabinet and mirror so that it’s brighter and more contemporary feeling. To style it, I used objects I already own from different rooms in my home. I pulled a small bench in from another room (legs to be refinished soon!) and changed out the ceiling light fixture so its projection is minimal, making my otherwise lowish ceiling seem higher.  It’s an important space as it makes a first impression by setting the tone of my home.  It’s the space to settle my guests in by taking coats and hats and starting our visit.  We usually then proceed to the kitchen (where all the action is!) through that doorway.

I also love having a little bench in the foyer for my guests purse or keys.  And, I choose the artwork because it’s a wonderful splash of color that is calming and interesting without overwhelming.  The walls are the same color as the kitchen to create a continuous flow.  And, there is a big soft, durable yet inexpensive rug that protects most of the wood floor area making it hard to track water or snow into the rest of my home.  I finally love this first impression I’ve created and will feel good when I open the door to welcome guests.

I can’t wait to get the next party started!