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Living In a world of instant gratification and disposable furniture, it’s interesting to be in the polar opposite world of custom window treatments.
Often I am asked about how long a custom window treatment will last.  While the answer depends on the treatment, it’s a reality that a it can have a life of approximately 10 years. Not bad considering the median years for Boston residents is 11.6.

Having been in this business for 15 years, with a high percentage of repeat business, I see very few clients “re-doing” what we originally did in their home.
My goal is to design a window treatment for a room that is timeless, and those treatments will depend on what kind of personality I’m working with. If my client is the type of person that likes to change up their decor every few years, then I will design something that can work with a changing decor. If my client plans on keeping or has kept a room the same, maybe other than a fresh coat of paint or new rug every few years, then I will design it to accommodate their style.  I guess the real answer is “as long as you want!”

I learned a long time ago that carrying high quality brands that last, will serve my clients well.   Whether they keep them for 10 year or 20 years, custom window treatments are a worthwhile investment and contribute to keeping your life and home beautiful for many years!