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Window treatment solutions can often be summed up by categorizing them for either fashion or function.   Sometimes, however, one solution can achieve both results. Similar to the fashion world, one person may have a very different definition than another of what they consider fashionable!  In client meetings the discussion of a function for example, such as the need to protect furniture from the sun, may help to narrow down options. Sometimes that solution doesn’t provide enough on the aesthetic side though. That’s where diving in a little deeper can help to determine the optimal solution.  Understanding lifestyle, room and home orientation, style and room function to name a few can help draw conclusions to what will work best.

Ultimately,  it’s not necessarily what the product IS, but what is DOES.  Sometimes a shade that completely clears the glass when not in use is the best solution for someone who only wants privacy on occasion, but wants and unobstructed view.  Sometimes a blind or horizontal product is the answer because privacy on some level is important and they want to as I call it “edit” the view most of the time.  And, sometimes it’s not functional at all, ie. a “mock” roman shade that looks like it could operate but really doesn’t.  Sometimes a pair of draperies that stay open 95% of the time looking pretty then close on occasion may do the trick!

All in all the design and selection process needs to be fun, inclusive of YOUR ideas and desires, and done in consort with a design professional that can feed your inner creativity with complementary ideas and options. Let’s get together and get those creative juices flowing! Call or email me and together we can make your home even more functional and beautiful!