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This time of year begs us to stay indoors more.  And one thing is for sure it helps if we have a comfortable, cozy, and inviting environment to entertain friends, work on a project, or curl up with a good book.  With such time spent inside, we might notice things around our home that might otherwise go without a thought.  Whether it’s a small area that needs organizing, a room that needs to be painted or a tabletop that needs a vignette for a finishing touch, now might be the perfect time to tackle it!  Putting away holiday decorations sometimes leaves us (maybe it’s just me!) with a feeling of renewal and “clean slate opportunity” to look at something completely different and an opportunity a change.  So don’t put everything back right away!  Perhaps leave a spot blank for a bit and see if inspiration strikes to improve or enhance a space.

Beyond decorating, I’ve learned that for areas I don’t have expertise, to call a professional.  For instance, I wanted to enhance my closet because my husband and I share one and it’s an odd shape and doesn’t offer much in the way of convenience.   I called someone who not only understood design but could build it.  Checked it off my list!  Also, I need to plant some sizable trees in the Spring and have already booked a fantastic landscape designers to get help with that too!  I haven’t even looked at tree options but know I’m going to enjoy the process because I’m hiring the right person for that job and it takes the stress off me.

Same thing goes with window treatments.  Thanks to Pinterest and Houzz we can really dive in to figure out what we like and want for our homes and even attempt to “DIY” it!  But there are detail that without experience and skill, can get missed!  Venacular like tentor hooks, returns, dye lots, stack backs, header styles, deductions, and repeats can be confusing to a homeowner and for good reason! As a professional in this industry it’s my job to be sure everything happens that’s necessary in order to provide a flawless installation!

The photos below depict applications that required detail that I have seen, can get overlooked.  The correct size of returns on Roman shades are important in order to hide it’s lifting mechanism.  Cafe shutter height is important so that the window lock isn’t visible.  A curved wall must have a very accurate template and precise installation.  Choosing the right fabric so that with a light filtering liner, the fabric STILL looks good.  Windows with little or no space above pose some challenge when the client wants draperies.  Accuracy in measuring and hardware choice is critical!




One thing I have found myself saying about window treatments.  No, it’s not life or death.  Come on now!  It’s much worse! But, I mean that in a good way.  I want that hug at the end of the installation because I want it to be just a perfect as you do.

Happy New Year and may you start off your year with a bang or at least with a few check marks next to that list