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People often ask me;  “How do I know what I should put on my windows.?”  When I answer “Sometimes nothing!” there is always surprise. But it’s an honest answer. Not every window needs a treatment. Sometimes less is more and just a simple functional product like the ones above will do the trick.  A window doesn’t always need to be dressed with fabric to look complete!

All of the above accomplish the specific goal of the homeowner.  The cafe height shutter adds architectural interest, provides necessary privacy in this master bath, and really complements the look.  The top-down-bottom-up honeycomb shade offers varying levels of privacy and lets in lots of natural light. It also maintains a minimalistic look the client wants with having so many windows in the room.  The last product is a sheer shade.  A beautiful product that offers both function and fashion in one. It not only offers varying levels of privacy but also helps to reduce glare from the sun – a very high priority for this homeowner as the kids sit at the spot to do their homework. The beauty here, just like the honeycomb shade – it can be lifted all the way up and virtually goes into hiding when not needed.

So, while I love to treat windows, they don’t all need the same treatment!  With so many products available, it’s helpful to explore options to make the best decision for you, your windows and your room!