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I’m resisting the urge to start with any overly used phrases and cliche’s this time of year.  While many of us are sad to the see holidays fade off into the background, many are happy to see a whole new year ahead!  An opportunity to start fresh in so many ways – our mind and bodies, our careers and workplace, and of course our homes!  But, as I said, no quotes or canned phrases about the new year.   I just wish you the best one yet!

A consistent message I heard over the holidays related to entertaining.  Many feel like their homes were just not done or ready to have friends and family over.  And while the holidays bring their own level of stress for many other reasons, this certainly should not be high on the list!  But, year after year, we see that scramble; that race to the end of getting everything done and perfect.  A fresh coat of paint, updated or cleaned rugs, newly installed window treatments,  and the list goes on.   I guess I’m in the right business because I totally get it.  I understand.   You finally make a plan to get some things done and you actually want it done… in  time as your home is taking center stage!  You may have heard me say it –  I realize, it’s not life or death…  It’s far worse!  I get it!  And, why not?  I’ve said it before and will continue to say it.  Sometimes a holiday or event is the best motivator to help you get those projects knocked off and rooms completed.

So, it’s no surprise to be out hanging shades, fussing with pillows, or hanging shutters dangerously close to a big day in someone’s home other than mine.  The holidays can be tough, so making people happy with beautiful new drapes or pretty valances that put the finishing touch on a room is all worth it  when I see the joy and happiness it brings.  And, yes, it’s only aesthetic I realize, but it still feels good. Who said it?  If you look good… you feel good!  So true.

Just plain Happy New Year!  I hope you are off to a great start and I look forward to many more time sensitive projects in the year to come!