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I have never heard anyone ever say to me “let’s take away the light in this room!” Everyone always wants to preserve or maintain the amount of light they have. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone said that!  And this time of year is no exception. The sun is disappearing earlier each day and soon it will be even earlier.  There’s no stopping the march of time and winter will be here soon. Many dread it. I think if you are going to live in this area, though, you kind of have to embrace it.  The late fall and winter bring so many good thoughts. This year with the Red Sox in the World Series, Boston is all a-buzz! (Sorry Dad!)  To name a few, Trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving and of course the big Holiday Season! A busy time for many but still a lot of fun to gather with friends and family and enjoy the well deserved break from all the schedules and time constraints of everyday life!

For me, it’s not so much the cold, snow, and sleet, it really the lack of daylight. I’m with the majority of you out there… give me more light!

I’d like to clear something up. Putting window treatments on your windows doesn’t have to take away the light! That’s right. Window treatments can actually enhance the window and the light you have! By now you know, I’m a little obsessed about window treatments. Moreso, the right window treatments for the right room, decor, and home. But by putting a new treatment up doesn’t mean you have to cover them up! You really can uncover their beauty!

No doubt it takes a trained eye and experienced professional to help get it right. But, an unfinished window or bank of windows in a home to me is like leaving the house for a cocktail party and not accessorizing an outfit. I’m not saying to drip with jewelry, but just one or two pieces of sparkle will do the trick. Just like a window treatment. You don’t need to use four layers at the window but one will look so much nicer than none at all!

And, that treatment certainly doesn’t have to break the budget. There are so many options that are budget friendly but will go a long way!

So, start thinking about it now. You still have time. We all want to look great for the holidays and your home is no exception!