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It’s baffling to think of how many choices we make in any given day.  Step inside the Boston Design Center for example and you’ll quickly understand.  With close to a hundred different showrooms and nearly a third of those dedicated to fabrics and trim, it seems like an overwhelming challenge to select the perfect one for a new project I just started.  Luckily, I don’t have to traipse through each showroom because it’s not only exhausting but a real time burner!  In fact just the other day when I was there I overheard one designer asking another “are you busy?” and her response was clever but oh so true!  She said “do mean busy or productive?”  Wow, that hits the nail on the head!  Exactly why I don’t go the the Design Center every day!

Do I want the latest and greatest designs for my clients?  Of course.  But, understanding fabrics and which work best and look fantastic for certain applications is far more important than having every imaginable sample on a shelf in my van.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of books in that van and until I hear from a client “that I couldn’t find what she was looking for” then I’m not worried!  Besides, too many choices are not always a good thing!  My clients hire me because they know I’m an expert in my field and it’s my job to select the best of the best for them.   I’m passionate about designing the perfect treatment and selecting the right fabrics and trim.  They are often surprised how easy the decisions were to get to that final stage.   It’s all that behind the scenes stuff that goes into it.  And all I know is that when they’re happy, I’m happy!