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It’s here!  The Holidays!  Many of us wait for them all year and many believe it’s the best time of the year.  I think I’m in that camp.  The holidays make me feel good.  I love the lights the colors the sparkle – all of it!  It’s a time when we decorate our homes and want to enjoy warm fires and parties with friends and family.

Having participated in a recent holiday house tour, it’s hard not to be inspired.  The creativity and style abound and make me want to decorate my own home for the season.   The use of fresh greens, branches, and berries add such a natural wholesome feel (and smell!) Combinations of  beautiful textiles used for pillows and draperies add elegance to so any room.  And, mercury glass seems to be very popular creating beautiful additions to any tabletop or vignette.  I love using with with white lights and cands.  So elegant and goes with everything.

Walk into any department store and the aisles are filled with holiday decorations.  It can be a bit overwhelming but I find if you have a specific item or collectible that you cherish, that can help.   Use that as your inspiration and go from there!  Create a few vignette’s or a theme and you’ll be on your way!   Celebrate the season in your own style.  No right or wrong, just fun.  I keep a folder on my Ipad of photos of decoration I love!

Enjoy the season… it goes too quickly and you may be wishing you didn’t have to pack everything up so soon!