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It seems like the day after Halloween someone flipped a switch to Holiday mode!  Go into most retails stores and you see a glimpse here or a glimpse there – holiday decor!  Personally, I’m ignoring it – at least until Thanksgiving.  It’s just too early.  But, if you have a list of decorating or design goals that you want completed for the Holidays, you need to pay attention.  The clock is ticking!

In the window treatment world,  Thanksgiving commitments are well underway with orders placed, fabric in queue at the workroom, and installations scheduled.  But there is still time for a fresh coat of paint new area rugs and window treatments to be ready for Christmas or Hanukkah.

It’s fun decorating for the holidays.  The smell of fresh greens, the festive colors, and the added sparkle that puts the spirit in all of us!  Maybe holiday decorating is just too overwhelming if you still have a decorating project underway and can’t seem to finish.  Don’t fret, because it doesn’t have to be complicated.   One of the most elegant and simple ways to dress up a room is with pinch pleated stationary drapery panels.  They are very popular and look great on the right windows.  When custom made, the length will be perfect and they will hang beautifully.  The clean lines and warmth they create in a room will bring a smile to your face.  And, they are economical and will give you years of enjoyment.

If you are like most people you are busy and the thought of cleaning up after the holidays can also be tough.  So, make it easy on yourself this year.  Finish that project you started or call someone like Linda’s Decors to help.  Then sit back and relax and enjoy the beauty of your home for the holidays.  They’ll be over before you know it!