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Sometimes windows pose more of a challenge than you think.  We all love light and the more windows the better, right?  Well, not always. When there are more windows than walls it can be difficult to hang draperies and not take up valuable glass or light space.  Or, when there is a heat vent strategically placed at a sliding glass or french door exactly where a panel would drape, my design plans may need altering.  No pun intended! So, while having lots of windows can be a treat, they can be a trick to treat!  Sorry about the repeat pun!

But seriously, when you are putting the finishing touches on a beautifully decorated room, window treatments can slow the whole project down.

Even with top treatments you can run into a whole host of scenarios like crown molding, exposed pipes, and built in cabinets that get in the way.  All things that need to be considered so that when the project is done, your eye miraculously flows around the room bypassing those obstacles as if they were never there.  Oh what fun!  And, I do mean that.  It is fun and I enjoy challenging windows.  I love coming up with ideas and plans that best treat each situation and then in the end, delivering a solution that is flawless.  I guess that’s why I love this business so much.  And, I guess that’s why my clients call me when they have those challenging windows.

I haven’t yet faced a window that I couldn’t treat.  And, while I can’t take all the credit, it sure helps to have a talented workroom, reliable manufacturers, and fistidious installers.  So, may your Halloween bring you more treat than trick but I hope you have fun just the same!