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Everywhere we look we see signs about who to select in the upcoming election.  I’m pretty much done with it and am ready to move past it all.  But, there’s still time and with so many issues at stake, it’s important to consider everything.  After all, we will be living with the results for several years and their decisions affect our lives.  Kind of like selecting a window treatment professional.  Don’t laugh –  I realize that electing someone for political office is an important task no doubt.  Can I really compare it to window treatments?  Well, yes, there are many similarities, and most importantly YOU have the power to choose who you want to work with.  Unfortunately, our favorite candidates may not always win no matter how many signs we have in our yard!

After many years in this business of shop-at-home window treatment design, it’s important to understand why people do business with certain businesses/people and not others.   Kind of like our candidates; we like doing business with professionals. (There are reason many politcians still wear jacket and tie!)  Not just someone who “yes’s” you to death but someone who truly cares – follows up and does what they say.  Whether it’s returning a phone call or showing up for an appointment, it’s important in my book to ensure there is courtesy and respect of your time.

Another important aspect is the “independent” factor.  If Linda’s Decors were running for office, it would have an “I” next to it.  This is true simply because I am not beholden to any one vendor.  I work for my clients based on what they want and need.  While I have relationships with a variety of vendors, they all offer a host of products.  It’s my job to determine the best of the best from each vendor.  For example, I may select Plantation Shutters from one vendor and Natural Woods from another – both for the same client.  It’s really about the product meeting that client’s specific need.  Same goes for fabric.  I carry several lines but will never steer one way just because I like one rep over another.  It’s once again about my client.  And yes, it is my job to provide the best possible solution based on a specific budget, I stay vendor independent because in the end, you are living with your window treatments for many years!  And, as long as my name is associated with your choices, I will guarantee you that I will help you make the best possible decisions. I will also guarantee that you will LOVE your choices.

I don’t have to love everything I create for my clients.  When they ask me what I think, I often say, “I’m not living here, you are!”  But, it’s my job as the professional to ensure a certain fabric is appropriate for an application, inform them about the way a fabric will react with light, educate them on how long a blind will stack or how much glass it will cover.  But that’s what I love about what I do.  It’s my job to cover all the details so there are no surprises on installation day!

Those are just a few things that someone like me – a window treatment professional, and someone who loves what I do – should and will do for you.  It’s your choice so make it work for you.  And, I will never ask to put a sign in your yard!