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Now that fall is here we are inundated with ads for new styles and designs for the season.  This is true for both the fashion as well as the design world.  I don’t know about you but I’m all set with my summer closet.  Seems like with each passing day there are more and more items that need to come out and get put into storage for next year.  I always ponder the idea of getting rid of stuff now that I didn’t wear all season but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t part with certain pieces yet.

Same thing can be said for our homes.  Styles change from season to season and a whole new crop of colors pallette’s are introduced.  If you love your home as much as I do, who doesn’t want the latest and greatest design and trends!?   But, who can just scrap an entire room of furniture or accessories (or wardrobe for that matter)  just because it’s a little old.  Maybe old is a bad word.  Let’s use Vintage instead!

We all know the feeling when we get that new Horchow, Wisteria. or dare I say, Pottery Barn catalog in the mail and see all the great new room designs and vignette’s.  Our rooms may be tired, out of date, or just boring.  An infusion of color can do the trick or maybe some new window treatments.  You don’t have to go crazy!  I read recently that swags and jabots are out!  Well, don’t tell my recent Newton client who just did them in her living room!  They look great, she loves them AND they work with her home’s style.  So it doesn’t mean you have to change everything, especially if you love it!  You may have a certain style and it may not be as mainstream or popular but it’s yours.  Embrace it and if you love it, that’s what is important.

Just like that boyfriend blazer or vintage denim skirt that you’ve had forever!  You feel good wearing them and you can breathe new life into them by pairing them with a new item.   Just like your favorite room.  Add a few new pillows, put down a great animal skin on the floor, create a vignette on a table that’s lacking pizzazz.  All affordable and easy to do.

Whatever the case, have fun with it!  It’s all eye candy and should bring you visual enjoyment every day!