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While we’re not putting our flip flops and sandals on just yet, they lie in waiting and are warmed up!  No pun intended.  Those unusually warm days a few weeks ago had us all ready to switch our closets, open our windows, and start planning our weekends at the beach!  Ahh, the anticipation of warmth and sun!  WE may be ready but is our HOME?

I met with several new homeowners during that unusual week who were not quite ready for eighty degrees.  Untreated skylights or south facing windows heated things up too quickly!  And with little to no foliage protection, sun rays and heat were present where they normally wouldn’t be.   While we all love a bright room full of natural light, sometimes it’s just too much.

The sun can be downright damaging to carpet, furniture and even beautiful hardwood floors.  And, while there are wonderful “sun safe” fabrics on the market for re-upholstery, often they are not as widely available when making new furniture purchases, unless it’s specifically for a sun porch.  It’s amazing how fast the sun can fade a piece of fabric or bleach out an area of floor.

With advances in textile technology, shades can offer protection of your cherished belongings from the sun.  Solutions that offer a varying degree of UV control have an equally varied list of names.  They are referred to as anything from sunshades, sunscreens, honeycomb or cellular shades, solar or mesh shades; there is something available for every style, décor, color, and window.  They can even be motorized with a timer to open and close with the rising and setting sun.

If you want to be able to enjoy an afternoon game on your new flat screen TV, or sit on the sofa without getting a sun burn, give me a call or send an email.  And, don’t worry – you can still let the sun shine without blocking the light!