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Three types of windows; three types of challenges.

It’s not uncommon for windows styles to vary throughout an entire home, as a builder or previous homeowner may decide to install something different for architectural interest in one or two rooms. Little do they know the havoc they create when it’s time to treat those “interesting” windows. You may have different windows from the front to back of your home; casements with cranks in the front and double hung windows in the back, and even a bay window thrown into the mix. As it is, the same windows throughout any given room may be of varying size, different depths, heights, and restrictions like crank out handles to make things even more complicated. Often, the frustrated homeowner simply ignores the problem, leaving them unattractive and bare, drawing unwanted attention.

Yes, even for professionals like me who do this regularly, some windows pose more design challenges than others. But the good news is that it’s usually a lot less complicated (and less expensive!) to treat than replace. So, fear not! There are many great ideas and solutions. With the right expertise combined with professional installation, those once despised windows can become the beautiful focal point of your room, drawing compliments and well deserved attention. I guarantee it.

I look forward to hearing about your challenging windows soon!