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Every year my Christmas Tree goes up, usually in the same place in the same room.  It seems, however, I re-arrange the furniture slightly each time to make space.  And this year is no different.   Now that the tree has been up since the beginning of December I’m getting ready to take it down, pack things up, clean up that room – get it back to the way it was. Well… not quite.  

 This is the year! Before putting everything back, I will make some simple changes to enhance the overall comfort and aesthetics of this room.

 Because furniture has been shifted, I’m looking at things rather differently and am a little bored with some of the decor. The three “R’s” come to mind.  Can I recycle, replace, or repurpose some of tired items that are there?  How can I re-do this room to make it fresh and inviting for the New Year?   This doesn’t have to involve monumental changes; just perhaps starting with a new wall color.  Also, I’d like to paint the ceiling a coordinating color other than white.  Using the existing hardware, I’ll change out the draperies.  I’m still amazed how simple stationary drapery panels can transform a room.  And perhaps add some new pillows on the sofa and chairs.  Voila, a fresh look for the New Year!   I may change out a lamp or two and definitely freshen up lighting.   I was astonished recently to learn the “proper” equation for wattage based on room size.  (Email me and I’ll be happy to share it with you!)

 I spend a lot of time in that room, especially in the winter, and it deserves it and so do I.   Why shouldn’t we all put our best foot/feet forward with the start of the New Year?   I can’t wait to get started.  How about you?