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Recently I completed a project for a client’s Master Bedroom.  There were certain requirements, but the main objective was to soften and finish the room.  Shades were in place for privacy – we did those when she moved in a few years ago.  Since then, we worked on other areas.  Now, it was about “dressing” the bedroom windows with fabric – an opportunity to be more creative and fun with a style that achieves an overall look.

When someone has a whole house to complete, I often consult with them to help determine the best course of action from a design perspective as well as time and budget.  It isn’t always completed in one project and I believe it’s best to do a little at a time as you get a better feel for how you will live in the space.  It is ideal, however, to have a plan so that when it’s complete, it flows beautifully and looks well crafted.  Often, I suggest the “main” or “public” rooms first – those that your family and guests spend the most time in.  Usually it’s a two step process with the first, ensuring privacy and light control and the second, providing the decorative elements that reflect your style. 

Without a doubt, a Master Bedroom or Suite is a critical room in your home.  It’s YOUR space and should reflect the kind of environment you want.  It may not be seen by everyone daily, but it is used by the MOST important person in the family everyday – YOU!

You need that space at the end of each busy day when you didn’t think you could hear the word Mom once more, or couldn’t squeeze anything else into it!   So, next time you’re in there, plop down on the bed, look around and ask yourself if your room does it for you.  Does it take you away, allow you to relax (even only for a few hours!) and provide a special place to decompress and get rejuvenated for the next day.   It doesn’t take much, but a little softness goes a long way and considering busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, you will be thrilled you finally did it.  You deserve it!