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Whenever I’m in Boston I can’t help but notice how many windows have interior Plantation Shutters on them.  They seem to be everywhere!  Even driving back out to the suburbs, I spot them pretty regularly.  They are great because obviously they are beautiful on the inside but also add to the aesthetic value from the outside.  I ask myself… Who doesn’t love Shutters?   Well, they come with a little bit higher price tag thus preventing some from covering one or every window in their house.  Something to consider, however, is Cafe height shutters – stopping just at the top of the sash of a double hung window.  They provide privacy and the ability to “edit” your view, look fabulous AND best of all, are cost effective, since you are only treating half of the window.   I suggest starting there.  You could always add a dramatic or fun treatment at the top for softness, or not.  Shutters are like furniture for the window and can stand pretty well on their own.  And, they are definitely not just for Florida anymore!