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Every so often I hear myself say, “The last thing I want to see in a drapery or treatment is through it!”  And while that’s very often true, I’m a big fan of preserving the integrity of a fabric so you enjoy it and not lose the look because the light is streaming through.  I recently had once of those projects!  When we started, I was confident the finished treatment would look great but until it’s up and the client is next to me nodding and smiling, I don’t get too excited.   In the end, I was thrilled at how great they looked and how it enhanced the room.  Having done many sheer jobs over the years, the right application can be beautiful.  This loosely tied back drapery was a sheer linen.  (It was nice there was a shade on the window to protect it from direct sun – you know – that big orange thing in the sky that we’ve all been deprived of this winter!)  Well, we couldn’t have planned the installation on a better day because the sun was actually shining!  Once we were finished we all stood back and smiled.  The room was filled with a soft amber light that made it warm and inviting and beckoned for a cup of tea and a good book.