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Often, I’m asked about outside-the-house consistency of blinds and window treatments. “Should my windows looks the same from the outside?”  Or, “Should I put the same type of shade on every window in my house?”  While there is no “correct” answer, I can often help my clients answer their own question by asking them a few of my own….  For example, what do you notice first when you drive up or walk by the front of your house?  Are the windows symetrical in the front?  Do they flank the front door?  Can you even see them from the street?    While it certainly does look nice if the look is consistent from the outside, they don’t all have to match.  Sometimes it’s just not possible!  I often suggest, keeping each floor consistent, or at least the windows that you actually see from the street.  For example, if you doing Plantation shutters on the main floor, you might want to do wood blinds on the second.  Also if they don’t all match, keeping them all up, down, or tilted in the same direction, looks nice!  But in the end, it really just depends on what’s important to you!  So, when choosing blinds for home, you can’t go wrong with a neutral color and keeping  it somewhat consistent.  It looks neat from the street!