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One of the most interesting and often challenging parts of my job occurs with a new client when she says she has no idea what she wants or even likes when it comes to a treatment design or fabrics for their windows.

Well, this happened just the other day with a challenging window! It is a pseudo bay/bow window – often very difficult to treat! In this case, however, she had a pretty good idea of how she wanted the treatment to look, but didn’t have any thoughts on the fabric. In fact she said and I quote “I have no idea about the fabric – I don’t even know what I like – there are just so many!”

So, I started with a few light questions to get a feel for her (and husband’s) style.  We talked about what will stay or leave, move or change, etc.  As she was looking through one of my window treatment books I headed for my van and fabric inventory. I selected a few starter fabrics and brought them into her.  Her natural inclination, as most would be, was to start flipping through the books with me. I stayed my course and continued showing her those I thought might appeal to her unique sense of style, as well of course as what would work for the application. She actually considered fabrics she thought she wouldn’t originally like but worked really well with the new upholstered pieces now that they were in the room together! Ahh! Soon after, she heard herself say things like, “Oh, I like that!” and “Nope, not that one!”  She even chuckled aloud and said how surprised at herself she was!

I said to… “See, you do know what you like after all!!!”  The fact is most of us do! We ultimately found the perfect fabric together and she commented on my patience. Often, YOU do know what YOU like and sometimes it just takes a little exploration. I guess in the end you just have to open the drapes and let some new light in!