My Story

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My Story

When I started my business I was fortunate to be able to recognize there is and would be more to designing and selling window treatments than simply designing and selling window treatments.

When you engage with me, (Linda’s Decors) you’ll appreciate the value and benefit of my comprehensive service right away. My goal is always the same: I will help you achieve your vision of transforming your windows and finishing that room within your budget. How do we do this you ask? How am I different? The road to that gorgeous room and look you dream of starts with my van… yes… because I bring it all to you, it takes out the guesswork and simplifies the process. Furthermore, it’s fun! Fabrics, textures, designs, lots of wonderfully delicious and often decadent materials and objects d’art all for you to see, touch, and experience in your home. But it’s really what happens behind the scenes that counts. That’s where the “more than designing” part comes in!

As Bunny Williams (Bunny Williams is a designer with a modern vision, a sense of history, and the confidence to take the unexpected path), says: “It’s 80% business and 20% design.” Fortunately for me, I’ve experienced and greatly enjoy the business side and I believe that’s what helped me satisfy hundreds of clients since the launch of Linda’s Decors in 2010. It’s similar to conducting an orchestra – many moving parts that are all an integral piece of the finished product!

While it’s also my duty to stay on top of trends, best practices, and innovation and technology in the world of window treatments, it’s also very important for me to make your experience so enjoyable that you can’t wait to start your next project!
Thank you for inviting me into your homes. I look forward to pulling my van into your driveway soon and getting started!


After each project, I continue to ask myself which part excites me more, creating a beautiful window or satisfying a client beyond their expectations. I guess I’ll just keep going to try to figure it out!


Remodeling and Home Design